New Mobile Research Application Launched

The main display of the CiDR MAP user interface,
featuring four different analysis sections and a
radiation detector.
Today, the CiDR Engineering Core released a beta version of CiDR MAP, a mobile application platform for temporal research that combines a suite of tools for studying our space-time continuum into an integrated, expandable and easy to use experience. 

"The app brings together a bunch of tools that our researchers were using separately. Having them all together in one place will drastically increase efficiency" said Dr. Leland Jefferson, lead software engineer.

CiDR MAP beta currently runs on the Android platform and is available internally to all CiDR personnel. CiDR engineers are planning future versions for iOS, as well as a public release of the application.

The application utilizes standard built in mobile device hardware, such as the magnetometer, GPS, gyro sensors, etc. The app will also be compatible with planned USB expansion devices that will feature additional sensors.

The app has the ability to take readings from multiple sources and display the collected data in meaningful visual displays. Researchers will be able to share and cross reference data from a central database. 

"This app is great," said Dr. Allison Weathersky, research lead, "Having all of these tools in one place will definitely streamline my research."