The Center for Interdimensional Research, or CiDR, is an international non-profit organization committed to studying the ever changing state of our space-time continuum. CiDR's operation relies on the efforts of hundreds of volunteer researchers, scientists, engineers and administrative staff around the world. 

For many years, scientists, researchers and even philosophers have been studying topics related to interdimensional space-time, but it wasn't until January, 2000 that a small group of scientists decided to create a worldwide organization devoted to this field of study. The CiDR organization was founded on principles of openness, transparency and, most importantly, collaboration, and these values continue to drive progress and innovation in the organization today.

CiDR is organized into four main operational branches: The Administrative Team, which manages operations, The Research Team, which conducts all of CiDR's research and experiments, The Engineering Core, which is responsible for the development and maintenance of research equipment, and the CiDR Foundation which provides funding for all CiDR projects.

Today, CiDR is continuing to push the boundaries of interdimensional space-time research with dozens of projects, studies and technological advancements, to help us better understand the universe we live in.