Evidence of Soviet-era Temporal Device Found

What appears to be an unfinished reaction
chamber and electrical bushings, in this 1950
photo of a Soviet-built temporal device.  
MOSCOW - Dr. Nikolai Vazov, a CiDR researcher, uncovered a set of declassified Soviet-era government documents and one photograph in an archive last Friday that describe a "device that can manipulate space and time."

The documents were part of a larger archive of scientific reports from the early 1950's. Although much of the information in the documents was expunged, it appears that the Soviets were developing a device similar to the temporal device built by Allied scientists during WWII.

According to the documents, the Soviet device, code named "Pressure Cooker," used massive amounts of energy to create an extremely powerful plasma reaction and generate a temporal rift inside of a chamber, much like the earlier American version. The Soviet device, however, had an integrated plasma energy source inside the rift chamber instead of using an external power source.The benefits of this are unclear.

"I believe the Soviet scientists were not just trying to send radio signals through a rift in space-time like the Americans were," Vasov said, "They may have been trying create a portal to send something back in time, most likely some type of weapon."

According to the documents, Pressure Cooker was completely destroyed in a fiery explosion at a remote Siberian outpost in early September 1951. The project was then abandoned. Whether or not the device worked at all is unknown.

All names were expunged from the documents and Russian government officials refused to comment on the project.

A small team of CiDR engineers and scientists are now investigating the use of a power source integrated into a rift chamber, but so far they have only uncovered more questions.