Laser Feedback Test Platform Results Promising

The Laser Feedback Lab, a test platform to explore the
Temporal Feedback theory. Photo Courtesy of: CUDUNKO
SAN FRANCISCO - The Laser Feedback test platform experiments, lead by CiDR researcher Justyn Myers, showed  some promising results last Friday at a Laboratory in San Francisco.

"We're starting to see the results that we've been hoping for," Myers said, "We're going to be able to move to the next phases of testing very soon."

The Laser Feedback test platform is a proof of concept for Myers' Temporal Feedback Theory. The platform uses a series of focused lasers and cathode ray tubes to simulate a temporal feedback loop without actually using a temporal rift.

"It's important to get the numbers right before trying this with a real rift," said Dr. Hoang Nguyen, one of the researchers assisting with the experiments, "This laser method is more of a real world test. It can show us things that the computer simulations cannot."

Myers and his team intend to conduct further experiments with both this test platform and computer simulations, which will lead up to tests with an actual temporal rift.

Myers theorized that it's possible to create a stable feedback loop between a temporal rift and it's power source. The practical applications of this are not yet understood.