Prototype Control Interface for Feedback Theory Nearing Completion

The prototype TMC1-0.43p control interface.
CiDR engineers are nearing completion of the TMCi-0.43p prototype control interface that will be used to test adjunct research lead, Justyn Myers' theory of Temporal Feedback with the WWII-era temporal device known as Project Time Machine.

"This is very exciting," Myers said, "We will finally have the technology required to test this theory on an actual temporal rift."

Myers predicts that a stable loop can be created be feeding resonance from the temporal rift chamber of the Project Time Machine device back into the plasma reactor that powers the rift. This will be made possible because of certain properties of the horologium crystal used to generate a temporal rift.

The new TMC control interface will allow researchers to modulate this feedback loop and and hopefully study signals from different points on the multidimensional timeline that will appear as visual distortions in the plasma reactor.

Myers has successfully tested his predictions with computer simulations as well as the Laser Feedback Lab experiments that took place earlier this year.

"The new system will mainly utilize some of the existing technology in the device, like the radio circuits," said Dr. Nagarjuna Gupta, one of the scientists involved in the project, "We're just using the device in a different way."

CiDR engineers are in the final phases of testing with computer simulations. The first field test with the new system is scheduled for January 1, 2012 at a warehouse in San Francisco.