Initiative to Improve Radiation Safety Announced

The standard symbol for temporal
The CiDR Administrative Team is working with a group of scientists and engineers to study the effects of temporal radiation and create a set of standards and safety practices known as the Temporal Radiation Safety Initiative. 

"This is very important work," said Dr. Orland Maxwell, one of the scientists on the team, "Especially after recent incidents, it's important to have some standards and practices in place so no one gets hurt." 

Temporal Radiation is a type of non-ionizing radiation, similar to microwaves, that has properties of both waves and particles. This type of radiation also appears to exist simultaneously at different points in the multidimensional timeline. Its effects are currently not well understood. 

Scientists have observed small amounts of naturally occurring temporal radiation that may be harmless. However, devices that utilize a temporal rift and generate higher amounts of radiation may pose a greater risk.   

The team is developing a measurement system and a set of safety protocols, which include a new standard warning symbol. The main goals of the protocols will be minimizing the amount of radiation generated by temporal rift devices and minimizing exposure as much as possible. Plans for a wearable temporal radiation detector, that may become a standard issued device for anyone working with equipment that utilizes a temporal rift, are also in development. 

The team expects to draft and publish an official initiative in the coming months.