Prototype Control Interface Field Test Successful

The Project Time Machine temporal device with
TMCi prototype control interface during a
successful field test in San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO - After a few setbacks, CiDR engineers successfully tested the new TMCi 0.43p prototype control interface with a large-scale temporal device on new year's eve in a warehouse in San Francisco.

"It was amazing to see the device in action," lead researcher Justyn Myers said, "We've put a ton of work into this and it has really paid off."

The TMCi interface, which is used to operate the WWII-era temporal device known as Project Time Machine, was developed by CiDR to test Myers' theory of Temporal Feedback. Myers predicted that because of certain crystalline properties of the Horologium crystal used in the temporal device to generate a rift in space-time, feeding resonance from the temporal rift back into the plasma reactor powering the rift would create a stable loop. CiDR engineers were able to achieve a stable loop using the TMCi on Saturday evening

The new TMCi interface also allows researchers to modulate the feedback loop and study visual signals from different points on the multidimensional timeline, though this capability still needs some work before researchers will be able to see any results.

"We're still working out all of the details," Myers said, "Now that we know the basic system works, we can fine tune the circuitry and hopefully come up with some exciting results."

CiDR is planning many more field tests with this new system in the near future.