Possible Temporal Anomaly Observed in Golden Gate Park

A screen capture of data collected from the field
analysis during the possible anomaly, showing a
temporal radiation warning and rapid EMF fluctuation.
SAN FRANCISCO - Lead Researcher Justyn Myers indirectly observed a possible temporal anomaly around the area of the San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park yesterday at approximately PST 12:37 AM. Myers was using a mobile application to study the area after noticing trends in past data that was collected remotely.

"If I hadn't been looking at the app interface at that moment, I may have missed it," Myers said, "I thought it was an error, but the spike in Temporal radiation and rapid EMF fluctuation correlated with the other data. I'm not yet sure if it was a coincidence."

Although Myers recorded a spike in temporal radiation, the levels were not high enough to pose any threat. However, the correlation between higher than normal radiation levels and other collected data points to a possible anomaly.

"We've seen levels like this before, they may even be a natural occurrence," said Dr. Orland Maxwell, a representative of the Temporal Radiation Safety Initiative, "The occurrence of these levels in conjunction with EMF fluctuation is not something we have observed before though."  

CiDR is planning future field analysis and data collection in this area to further study this phenomenon. Myers intends to continue to refine his methods and deploy the same system in other areas as well.

Myers is the lead researcher on the Anomaly Project, a CiDR sponsored effort to study space-time interference and degradation, phenomena that are currently not well understood. Myers has been using a variety of instruments to collect and analyze data in the Golden Gate Park area for more than two years.  

"I live near the park, so I've been studying the area for quite some time," Myers said, "Mostly to refine my data collecting techniques and fine tune equipment. I never expected to find anything of interest."